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Monthly Unlimited Plans

Save money and keep your vehicle looking its best!

Become a Monthly Member

For a low monthly price you can choose your car wash package and wash your vehicle as often as you want. Plus, you can use the Express Lane for even faster service! We’ll give you a barcode so you can surf in whenever your vehicle needs a little TLC. Now that’s convenience on the go!

Unlimited Wash Plans let you save even more!

Our unlimited wash programs are for one vehicle that conveniently charge your credit card a monthly membership price every 30 days. Membership gets you unlimited washes and our member/fast pass lanes get you in and out quickly. You’ll get an ARM sticker for your car that uses radio frequency identification [RFID] to tell us you’re a member. When you pull up your sticker raises the gate and you drive right in. What could be easier—and faster—than that?

Ready to give it a try? Surf Thru Express Car Wash offers discounted, introductory pricing at most locations.

Get more for FREE

Your membership includes with each wash:

  • FREE trash bag
  • FREE dash wipe
  • FREE daily cup of coffee
  • FREE lollipops for children
  • FREE dog treats for your favorite pet
  • FREE daily air freshener (with Ultimate Membership)

No long-term contracts.

Your plan automatically renews every month.  Just pay for the first month, fill out the credit card authorization form, and you’re all set. Our convenient plan only requires a two-month commitment. After that you’ll be a member until you tell us to stop your plan. When you tell us to stop, your plan will remain valid through the remainder of the month already paid for.

Getting your ARM Pass is easy.

Come in anytime and we’ll set up your account. Purchase your membership in the cashier lane at any Surf Thru Express, and we’ll apply your RFID sticker. Easy as 1-2-3.

Cancellation Procedure

If you wish to cancel your monthly plans at any time, simply notify us before your card is charged for the next month. You may continue to use Surf Thru Express up until your current plan ends. For more information call (559) 392-5708.

Prices may vary by location.