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An Important Message from Surf Thru Express about COVID19

As part of the Transportation Sector, Surf Thru will remain open during the COVID19 crisis. The Federal government has identified 16 essential sectors that should do their best to safely stay open during this time. The transportation sector requires clean cars to safely operate and the express car wash model is uniquely situated to provide a safe method of keeping cars clean. Surf Thru is an express wash that normally has very little personal interaction, but we are taking even more extreme steps to make sure that you can safely keep your vehicle clean from COVID19. Washing your car is part of the solution.

Following all recommended COVID19 safety practices (social distancing, washing hands, not coming to work with symptoms, wearing gloves) and more.

Gloves mandated for employees.

Gloves available for guests at no charge.

Extra disinfectants stocked to sanitize.

Pay stations wiped down regularly.

Vacuums: Every other vacuum hose has been removed to promote greater separation.

Vacuum handles will be cleaned after every use: We’ll have an attendant in the vacuum are to clean the hose after each use.

Cars are one of the dirtiest environments people frequent:

It is widely agreed that Corona Virus can last up to 4-5 days on surfaces and that your vehicle is a very dirty place and needs to be regularly sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID19. Other than home and work, people spend more time in their vehicle than anywhere else. When people are in their car, they touch everything which leaves the real threat of COVID19 staying and spreading to other passengers and users of the vehicle for days to come. As a preventative measure, people should be regularly cleaning their vehicles. People need to keep their environments clean from the COVID19.

Surf Thru has the tools and cleaning supplies to safely keep your vehicles clean.

We're A WaterSavers Car Wash

At Surf Thru, we reclaim and recycle our water and most locations are powered by the sun!

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Car Wash Services

Surf Thru Express Car Wash is an eco-friendly, high-end, express car wash that provides a clean car and a smile on your face in less than 5 minutes. We only use the best products including Rain-Ex, Blue Coral Triple Foam, and Wipe-Out Conditioner to protect your vehicle against all types of weather conditions.

We offer 3 different pricing packages, monthly unlimited wash packages, pre-purchase specials and share cards, plus our vacuums, air blowers and dash wipes are always free. Special offers are advertised at each location.

When you bring your vehicle to Surf Thru Express Car Wash you are doing the right thing for your vehicle and the environment. Before the water touches your vehicle it goes through a reverse osmosis process that removes 99% of the minerals and impurities, which gives you a Spot Free Rinse. Then we recycle and reclaim our water, which significantly reduces the gallons of water we use. In fact, a typical home washing machine uses more water on one load of laundry. Finally, all the dirt, oil, brake dust and grim is separated and properly disposed of by an environmental company.

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